Roux enjoyed her training!

Training Sessions by Topic

All training sessions are at least 1 hour in length, with individual questions answered after each session. The instructor is also available during the week via email or phone, at no extra charge.

All training is based on a positive, force-free approach (see Training Philosophy), so you will need to bring things your dog loves (e.g., a favorite toy or yummy treats)!

Most training is in-home. However, for training conducted at Mutt's Paradise, students and their guardians are also entitled to use the park for 30 minutes after each session, as long as no other students are using the park at that time.

After completing session 1 of the "The Essentials", you select only those session(s) from any topic that involve the behavior you want to work on.

Each session is typically $20.00 each and that's regardless of whether the session is at Mutt's Paradise or in-home (there is a $5.00 mileage surcharge if you live 21-29 miles from Lewis Center, or a $10.00 surcharge if you live 30 miles or more from Lewis Center, per session).

You can also take all the sessions offered in a particular topic for the listed price, or any six sessions for only $100.00. That's six sessions for the price of five!

To schedule in-home training, discuss a particular problem, sign-up for a session, or for further information, please email us at

The Essentials


Students learn the building blocks of understanding their dog and the 3 most essential cues.
Completion of this training is strongly recommended before proceeding to additional sessions.

  1. Session 1: Let's talk, using the clicker, and the "Check-In with me" cue (ONLY $10.00)
  2. Session 2: The Touch cue
  3. Session 3: The Leave It ("No") cue

Basic Manners


These are introductory training sessions designed to teach fun ways for you and your pooch to learn the five basic cues: Sit, Stay, Come, Down, and Walk.

  1. Session 1: Review of using a clicker and the "Check-In with me" cue
  2. Session 2: Sit
  3. Session 3: Stay
  4. Session 4: Come
  5. Session 5: Down
  6. Session 6: Walk

Advanced Manners


Need more than the basic manners? Then these training sessions are for you!.

  1. Session 1: The Nice cue
    (Don't grab that food from my hand!)
  2. Session 2: Off
    (Get Off of me and sit)
  3. Session 3: Left and Right
    (Go to my left or right and sit)
  4. Session 4: The Back (up) cue

Just for Fun


Dogs love to learn new things, and when they do, their mind stays sharp!

  1. Session 1: Spin
  2. Session 2: Fetch
  3. Session 3: Sleep
  4. Session 4: Roll-over

What is Clicker training?

In clicker training, a clicker is used to tell the dog they responded correctly to the cue (such as "Sit"), and that a tasty reward is now on its way!

Once the dog responds well to the cue, the clicker is used intermittently and eventually not used at all for that cue.

Clicker training can decrease the amount of time for training a cue by as much as 30% versus saying "Good!" instead (article).

It also makes the dog more likely to remember the cue in the future (article).

At Mutt's Paradise, we like to start with the clicker as a training tool, but do not hesitate to use what works best with your dog!

People respond better to some teaching methods than to others - - and so do our canine friends!

Our Guarantee

At Mutt's Paradise, we want you to be happy you selected us to help you better understand and work with your dog!

That's why we promise a 100% refund if you are not completely satisfied with the training we provide for you and your dog.